Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Armstrong Mansion

This weekend Jeremy and I got to stay at the Armstrong Mansion (B&B) for a night. We got a free room there when we bought our TimeShare in January of this year and are just getting around to using our free stay. They registered us for the smallest room on a Sunday night ("Sunday" and "Small" of course, cause it was free). I asked Jeremy if he wanted to upgrade and he said 'no'... until we got there and saw the room. But luckily since it wasn't busy they upgraded us to one of their largest rooms at no extra charge. And they brought us an amazing little gift basket of Martinelli's, homemade fudge, popcorn and soda with banana splits.

I asked about the history of the mansion and it was built in 1860 as a wedding present for this "Armstrong" guy's wife. I LOVED how old everything was and they did such a good job at preserving the time it was built. I kind of felt like we were living in a Stephen King movie. I told Jeremy if we opened the door and 2 twin boys were standing outside of our room saying "redrum", then we were outta there. lol

Here is the web address for them to check it out, but I must say, their website and advertising doesn't do them justice. (www.armstrongmansion.com) I would've never stayed here just looking at their site and am glad we won a free stay to experience it.

We were first shacked up in the July room and switched to the February room on the 3rd floor. We walked around and looked at all the rooms and this one was the coolest. It was huge and had a iron rod, spiral stair case in the room that went up to this huge jetted tub that looked out on to the streets of SLC. I kept looking up at that stair case from the bed in the dark waiting for a small light to start floating down the stairs and for me to get freaked out. ha ha

The Haunting of Marsten Manor

Anyway... after we chose our room, the inn keeper told us that a scary movie had been filmed there and was about to hit the stores (WalMart) next month. It didn't get the best reviews, as you can see from the link (http://www.deseretnews.com/movies/review/1,5208,450000878,00.html), but it was cool cause most of the scary parts of the movie were filmed in our bedroom. The acting in the movie was bad and the story line wasn't too great, but it made for a fun night watching the movie with our little gift basket and being a little freaked out that there were ghosts in our room in the movie.

All in all, I would recommend the B&B to anyone. We had a really fun time. If you get to stay there, I would recommend watching the movie while you're there.

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