Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FHE Thoughts

Last night we had Family Home Evening with some of our friends that came over to hang out. Jeremy chose the topic tonight, which was on "consistency". I was supposed to do the lesson and Jeremy did the activity. As we trudge along on our spiritual goals, we have noticed how hard it is to stay consistent and we always need to commit ourselves to these goals every day. It's just like any goal I suppose, but the ones that give you the most, seem to be the hardest to maintain.

Anyway, I will make it short, but to summarize, I found Alma 1:25-33 in relation to "steadiness". It was an eye opener to me on how this small act of being consistent opens up so many other doors. What I got out of these few verses is:

1. Being consistent with your goals brings you and those around you, working towards the same thing, closer together.

2. It brings you to the same level emotionally and temporally (sp?).

3. When you are consistent you are blessed with abundance and in doing so are able to give to others of yourself instead of falling and starting again

4. Those that are not consistently making things better or giving will eventually be humbled and brought down to humility to re-find themselves. (I related this to the economy problems we are having today)

The little things can affect big things around you. I especially like #3. It is something I actually journaled about and talked to Jeremy about one night. When we are consistent with our prayers, I find myself praying a lot more for others than for ourselves and our needs. When we are not consistent with our prayers, I've found that we always start again praying for ourselves and never get to thinking about others. Just wanted to share some of my thoughts.

Dang, I need to start writing about fun and exciting stuff on here eh?

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