Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Independent Appendage

So this is a random post, but it's been kind of weirding me out for the last week. It seems that my pregnant belly is an independant appendage of my body.

Have you ever held your hand up to someone elses hand and then used your middle finger and thumb to touch/squeeze both of your hands at the same time? Since my CA dad is a mortician, we used to use this as an example of what dead people feel like. I'm sure this is a weird topic for those of you that didn't grow up around it... however, try it with someone. It is kind of a numb sensation and feels especially weird when you "squeeze" both hands at the same time with your thumb and middle/forefinger in this little exercise.

ANYWAY... I tell you this because that is what my stomach feels like. It's like I can feel that something is blocking my feeling sensation in my stomach (hence, the baby) and I can feel things in front and behind the baby, but the baby has it's own sense of feeling that I don't have for him. Therefore, my belly feels somewhat numb and therefore... a separate appendage from my body. I don't know if I explained this very well and maybe you will think I'm nuts, unless of course you've experienced it to.

On a different note, I have started to feel little body parts poking out when the baby moves around. It is still kind of trippy, yet exciting!

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