Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, you can see I'm having a wrestless night of no sleep and am still up blogging. I JUST remembered that the US Open was this weekend for this next season of SuperX and because of the baby shower I completely spaced it.

I dated someone awhile back that raced in the Utah Circuit and happened to learn all about this sport by watching him race and got way into the sport... even though it's a total dirthead thing to get in to. I even used to record all the races and watch them again through out the week until the next week end race. Until this year, I have been to all of the final races down in Vegas that end there in May each season. They used to race in SLC, but then decided not to race here... and then found out that they are once again going to be racing at the Rice Eccles Stadium in April for the 2nd to last game. Wahooo!

I LOVE the sound of the dirt bikes, the smell of the gas, the dirt, everything! This is actually one sport I get way into. I even got a dirt bike last summer and to no surprise, totally wrecked in Bear Lake shortly after. I'm also not the most graceful person, so a dirt bike is probably not the best thing for me. However, I was glad that I was wearing a helmet cause I went flying off my bike over the handle bars and skidded in the dirt, head first, coming out with only a sprained wrist. Not to mention that I bent the fender on my bike, broke the brake handle off and had one heck of a time getting down the wrest of the bike trail. (Ok, so my dad had to trade me bikes and I had to ride his back down since mine was risky with out a brake handle.) I thought I would be a speed demon down the trail and didn't turn fast enough to miss a big crevis in the dirt and my front wheel went right down into it.

Also, my dirt bike is vintage/old school. The owner of Monarch Honda in Orem has asked me a couple of times if he can buy it from me and restore it. I have a 125cc 1976 Honda TL (4 stroke) which was given to me by my Grandpa when I told him I wanted to get a bike to learn on. They only made these bikes for 2 years and parts for them are really hard to find. It is seriously the coolest bike though! Here is a pic of one I found online. It looks EXACTLY like my bike.

Here is a pic of me on my bike on my lunch break from work. It's not too great of a pic, but you get the idea.

My hubby isn't to keen on me ever getting on the bike again. He is the low risk taker type... the one that drives way slow everywhere we go and is not very into motorcycles or dirt bikes at all. I am the total opposite. My dad and gramps fixed it from my wreck and I'm hoping to ride it next summer once again at our Bear Lake outing.

My favorite riders:
Ivan Tedesco, Albuquerque, NM-
When Ivan raced in the 125 class, he was my fav, but has since moved up to the 250's which made it hard for me to choose between him and Chad Reed. They don't call it the 250's class anymore though cause everyone pretty much rides a 450.

Ivan is still working his way up right now cause he smoked everyone all the time in the 125s. He was famous for being behind and somehow making up his lap times by pulling ahead. (I could be 'slightly' biased for Ivan because he's hot. ha ha)

AND, Ivan was on MTV Cribs awhile ago: MTV Cribs with Ivan Tedesco

Chad Reed, Australia-
I think I started liking Chad just cause at the time everyone liked Ricky Carmichael. Now Carmichael isn't even racing in SuperX anymore. I believe he dropped out last season to do Nascar. But, I'm a little behind on the news because with the wedding and baby this year, I didn't have time to watch the last season at all. :(

Jimmy "Bubba" Stewart-
Ok, so this kid is crazy fast on his bike and the first couple of years I watched him, he could never make it through a race with out crashing and would never make it to the end of a season with out being hurt. When I saw him race in Vegas a couple years ago, he was out in the first Heat round he raced in. It was disappointing. But I hear he's gotten better and am excited to watch him this season.

PS. SuperX the Movie = No Bueno (Bad acting and Bad story line. Disappointing.)


JLBANKS said...

Jeff wanted me to tell you that if you ever decide to sale your bike to call him first.

And I wanted to say, I love that picture of Chad, he's my favorite!!!

Alexis Mayo said...

I'm so glad you're still a motoxgirlie!!!
Our family just got back last night from the Houston round of Supercorss. We're lovin' living in TX cuz we get 2 races (not this year, they're not racing in Dallas so to make up for that we went to Houston and we're headin' to New Orleans in March)
Anyway.... we got special passes to hang in the pits after the race and we were trying to get Ivan's jersey so we were standing outside his rig and he was like 5 feet away from us and he looked sooo good. I even mentioned to Ben that you would be sooo jealous of me!!! He didn't have anything to give us but we're hoping we can score some swag from him in NO!!!!
Yea for SuperX
BTW me and my son Colben are totally rooting for Chad this year!!