Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alanya Tagged Me ...Again!

8 TV shows I like to watch:

I hardly ever watch t.v. that is one of the quirky things I should've put on the last post cause it's rare (at least I think it is), but I will try to think of at least 8 shows. I always feel guilty if I watch t.v., like I should be doing something more productive. I have a hard time watching any t.v. show all the way through.

1. Anything on HGTV
2. Anything on Food Network
3. A Baby Story (only since I've been pregnant)
4. King of Queens
5. Everybody Loves Raymond
6. The Office
7. ????
8. ???? ...Some stuff on the Style Channel

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. I never thought I'd say this cause until I got pregnant, I hated it here, but Chilli's.
2. Claim Jumper (in CA only. The one here in Heber is no bueno)
3. In N Out, a classic
4. Rusted Sun in SLC
5. Ruth's Diner up Cottonwood Canyon
6. The Owl Bar, Sundance (does that count as a restaurant?)
7. Kneaders! Duh... my FAV! I don't know why I didn't think of this as #1
8. ????...Again, I'm drawing a blank to come up with 8 (I'm on the spot)

8 Things that happened yesterday:

1. Went shopping with my mom and mother in law
2. Bought way too much stuff for the baby and had to put a lot of it back
3. Had a hot chocolate party with Jeremy's brother's fam and some of the football team at our house
4. Slept in
5. Stared at the baby's room in amazement thinking, "Whoa! We have a BABY's room and a baby/human being on the way."
6. My husband told me I was beautiful and he loves me.
7. Got heartburn (of course)
8. Watched our wedding video with Jeremy's Fam

8 Thing I'm looking forward to...

1. Having the baby (not the actual 'birth' part, but having the baby... the 'after' part)
2. Dressing our little guy up in all sorts of humiliating outfits that I think are cute.
3. CHRISTMAS! Oh my gosh, I LOVE Christmas! (This could've also been on my 'quirky list'... I'm nuts about the Christmas holiday; including that my house already looks Christmasy.)
4. Getting sealed to my family next year
5. Our Bear Lake trip next summer with the fam
6. Not being pregnant and not having any of the crappy things happen to me that are associated with it.
7. My friend Jenya's baby to be born next month. I can't wait.
8. Falling asleep tonight and not having heartburn.

8 Things on my wish list:

1. Being rich
2. Going to Italy
3. Going to France again, but with my French speaking hubby this time
4. Going to Tahiti one day with my Tahitian speaking hubby (good thing they are the same person) ha ha
5. Meeting my mom's birth mother while in Tahiti
6. Getting more schooling under me
7. Starting my own business
8. Liking football and baseball so that I don't have to be bored while being at games and watching games with my husband. (sigh)

8 People I'm tagging:

1. 8 people that want to do it...

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