Monday, November 24, 2008

And the winner is...

So many of you wonder what Jeremy does at work and because Jeremy starts to "geek talk" when you ask him, no one gets it any more at the end of the conversation than they did at the beginning. I listened to him for over an hour so that I could come up with the "dumbed down" version when people asked me. So, here it is. :)

First off, Jeremy works for Symantec. It is the 3rd largest software company in the world next to Microsoft and Oracle. Symantec is a security company, hence, you've heard of Norton Anti-Virus which is one of the hundreds of products they put out. Instead of coming up with new security products, Symantec usually just buys other security software companies and keeps them running as usual, but with the "Symantec" name behind it. All the companies that Symantec works with have security measures that they must abide by legally to protect customer information, right? So, these companies are constantly programming, re-programming, fixing errors, and updating their policies and needs for the software that Symantec provides them. This is where Jeremy comes in.

Jeremy is a Level 2 Support Engineer and is a personal rep to some of their larger clients. One of Jeremy's clients is Visa. Therfore when Visa has problems with any of their security policies, they contact Jeremy (which is like everyday, all day on conference calls). Jeremy does the programming and scripting for whatever it is they need fixed and tests errors, follows through on it if its something that a level 1 can do and so forth. So, to sum it up, Jeremy fixes the programming of the internal database that executes queries for visa and follows through and tracks what changes they've made. Does that make sense?

Jeremy, I'm so proud of you babe. You have been doing so awesome at work and it's paying off. Good Job! It's nice to see and hear how awesome you are doing during this rough economy and I'm grateful for your job.
*As a side note, Symantec just laid off 4.5% of their work force (which I think is about 25,000 worldwide). We feel lucky that Jeremy is still there.

Jeremy has once again been nominated by another one of his co-workers and has won an award for "Trust". Yay... more gift cards. :)

Message to recipient winner: Jeremy, thanks for going out of your way to always be there for myself and the Level 1 folks. Your constant availability and willingness to help out means a lot. This has built a definite environment of trust that the Level 2 team will be there to support the frontline teams. Thanks!

Further comments to Jeremy's manager: Jeremy is contstantly asking if I or anyone on L1 needs help. He is proactive in examining ongoing cases that L1 is working and contacting them proactively if he has an idea of what might help. He does not shy away from taking on tough cases and views them as a challenge.

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