Monday, November 24, 2008

Letters to Teagan

After the 50th anniversary party, Jeremy and I wanted to write a letter to Teagan. After all the family discussions tonight, we were feeling overwhelmed with happiness and anticipation to see him and meet him and tell him how much he is loved already. He has already brought so much joy to the family and we feel so blessed.

What made me start thinking about it was something as simple as my grandma telling me how excited they are to see him and to tell us that they pray for him and his health each day. Jeremy and I pray for him everyday and I know my mom has told me that and so has my Grandma and Grandpa Grover. My dad told me that tells everyone he's going to be a grandpa next month and Grandma Lona can't wait to have a baby around again and his Aunt Kiley talks to him in my belly every time she sees me. Aside from all of his real aunts and uncles, he has all of his adopted aunts and uncles from those that are closest to Jeremy and I that can't wait to see him and watch him. This little guy already has a fan club and has already affected people's lives and he's not even here yet.

Maybe it's because I am in the latter stages of pregnancy that I'm even MORE emotional and touched by everything or maybe the holiday spirit is all around me. Maybe I'm more in tune now with the 'bigger picture' or maybe I choose to see the good and stay optimistic. Either way I have felt humbled and blessed this last year. For once I don't feel like I'm trying to live for the future, but am finally on track to take in "the present".

I will spare everyone of my long, typed posts lately and not type up our letters, but I wanted to express how excited we are (once again).

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