Friday, November 07, 2008

PreNatal Class#2

So, I had this post named, "Breastfeeding Class" but it looks weird to have that up there in big, bold letters. lol So, I changed it.

Last night we went to our breastfeeding class and it was actually very informative and helpful. I guess there is a lot more that goes into it than you would ever think. My overall perception of it after is that most women that have problems breastfeeding just don't have enough information to try different things. Of course there is exceptions to this, but I almost feel overwhelmed that you finish being pregnant and then have this next uncomfortable assignment for however long you decide to do it. And yes, there was the awesome breastfeeding video that we couldn't WAIT to see but I would definitely recommend going to both the prenatal and breastfeeding class. I've even gotten good advice on things that people have told me to do one thing but the classes give you a good reason to do something else. Of course everything is a personal decision, but it makes it easier to choose when you have a larger view of information. The class was taught by a lactation specialist and I'm grateful that my good friend Angie's mom is also a lactation specialist and that she is willing to help out when needed. Ange! I will probably be calling your mom up. :)

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Alanya said...

Don't worry about the breastfeeding being too uncomfortable. It hurts for about the first two weeks and then after that it's fine. I actually love breastfeeding! One thing I wished I had heard earlier was to introduce the bottle in the first two weeks... not that you have to consistantly give the baby a bottle but to introduce it to them. It makes it much easier to give them a bottle later. Even if you want to breastfeed till they take a sippy cup or normal cup it makes it easier for a babysitter if ever you want to go out. :) I hear of lots of women who have a hard time getting their baby to take a bottle and I usually find out they didn't give one to them till a couple months old. Just thought I'd pass it on.