Monday, November 10, 2008

Dinner with the Listers

Last night we had dinner with the Listers. And although Jimmy is my uncle, he's always been more of an older brother to me. Maybe that's cause he's only 2 years older than me and his wife, my aunt, is my same age. :) And because he always beat up on me growing up. pinning me down and hitting me while pinching my nose shut and putting his hand over my mouth so I couldn't breath. Jerk! ha ha

Jeremy and I brought over some homemade cookin' ...pot roast with potatoes/carrots, mashed potatoes/gravy, rolls and caramel popcorn. Shanda made cheesecake and brownies and the mysterious, invisible kool-aid. Yum! It was a feast. :) And it made me feel good that Ashlynn kept saying how yummy it was. Your parents have taught you well. ;) Jeremy and I got a kick out of watching their kids run around and being silly since we are just around the corner to having that ourselves. Thanks for having us over!

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Shanda said...

Thank you guys it was yummy!