Friday, November 14, 2008

Dr. Visit: Week 33

It is the end of my 33rd week. I actually start into week 34 today, so that means I will be full term in only 3 weeks. Can you believe it? Crazy! I have one more 2 week appointment and then I go every week after that until this little guy comes.

The Dr visit went well today. My blood pressure was checked and it is officially really low. So, I don't need to worry about toxemia. Fewwww! Everything has been checked normal and healthy. The baby is very active and growing at a normal rate. So, everything is still on schedule.

If I could choose a day to have the baby it would be on Dec 20th or 21st so that we could have him here early enough for Christmas and still have a few days before to allow recovery time. Unfortunatley I don't get to choose that for the first baby. They told me they will never induce me for the first one. (even though one of the dr's said they could... it doesn't look like they will) They are going to be scheduling my induction date on my next appointment if I happen to go a week over due, which would be somewhere around January 9th. Ugh! If I truly go that long, I might have to shoot myself.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. My whole life is completely different than it was last November. Jeremy and I had just barely gone on our first date and weren't even officially together by this time last year. And then everything changed in a whirlwind. I guess you never know what's in store for yourself.


The Lybrook Family... said...

GOSH! Your pregnancy has flown by. I cant believe its around the corner. How are you feeling? I hope good. I remember being pregnant with Brynley during the holidays and just felt completely overwhelmed and tired. I opted for buying lots of giftcards for people that year! I am slowly gathering things for the little guy, I will send it soon. Cant wait to meet him!

Raylene said...

Dec. 20th is when I was due w/Aubree and Baylee. They came Nov.26th though!

Alanya said...

I vote the 20th! That's when I had my first baby... but I didn't even come home from the hospital till Christmas Eve. Good luck! And no matter what happens don't let them do a c-section unless they have to. (you or the baby are in danger.) You'll be so much happier!

Tammy said...

Man, as soon as that baby comes you are going to be flying through the weeks. Right now I know it feels like forever, will be so FAST! Hey where are the baby bump pics?? I would love to see him before he is born!