Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

A short summary of our day, stayed up all night last night and watch season 4 of The Office and then woke up early to finish watching it. Made 3 green bean casseroles for the 3 Thanksgiving dinners we went to. We started off at noon at Humpherys, 2:00 at the Green's and then 4:30 over to the Terry's. We tried to be miniscule on how much we ate at each place as to not over do it, but we failed. We are so full that we are miserable. I don't recommend or wish this misery on anyone. The dogs were spoiled at each place we went and now they are sick and "stinky" if ya know what I mean. I think the baby is even sick he stopped moving when I did. lol Now we are home early, being sick, and it looks like a lonnnggg night of recovery. I hope everyone else had a plentiful Thanksgiving too!

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