Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok. So, since this movie has come out, all my girlfriends keep asking me if I've read the books and telling me that I need to. But to tell you the truth, I actually have no desire to read them. The only thing that has made me wonder if I should read them at all is the fact that everyone is so crazy about it.

My 17 year old sister was the first person to tell me about them and from my first interaction about them, I thought it sounded corny. Plus something that was so enticing to my younger sister in high school and all her friends kind of made me think that it was probably written for teens. No offense... cause I'm sure there are lots of things that interest me that the teenage group has interest in as well.

I have one friend that absolutely loved it and the passion of young love she said is what made it exciting. I have one friend that read the first one and part of the second one and didn't want to read it anymore. She said that the love scenes in the book drover her bonkers. And then I have another friend that only read the first one and doesn't care to read more of them, and happened to mention the love scenes driving her bonkers as well.

I read a lot when I was younger, but now I seem to only read if I go on trips because it's the only time I feel non-distracted from "getting stuff done" on all the projects I start. I guess that is the 'red' personality in me.

Anyway, I am in fact going to see the movie tomorrow because the previews looked good. We'll see if it peaks my interest to read the books...


Alanya/Ally said...

That's funny... I have the book and haven't read it either. I bought it to get a discount at Lagoon, and lots of people recommended it to me. I feel the same about reading. It always seems like there is so much more I can do. My husband on the other hand reads all the time and he's turned Brigetta's hubby into a reader. She thinks that's pretty funny.

The Lybrook Family... said...

The books are awesome! You have to at least read Twilight, its the best. I am so excited to see the movie, we are going tomorrow night. Yea!

Bear, Angie, Honey, Cash & Bowie said...

Tara, let me put it this way:
Edward = the perfect, completely healthy RED.

You will love him.

Anonymous said...

it's totally corny and cheesy like any teenage movie - but I was in the mood for that and enjoyed it.
Looking forward to seeing what you think :)

Tammy said...

Twilight, I read the books, not as totally intrigued with the movies. But I love a good Romance so...I'll be seeing it. You gotta write what you think about it. I'm surprised your friends didn't like the book. I haven't heard much criticism where I live!

Alexis Mayo said...

The only reason to see the movie=
I'm totally obsessed with him!!!!!