Friday, November 21, 2008


Since I'm on the subject of movies, I will put on here that I did just watch this movie and it is freaking awesome! It is only released in Europe right now in the theatres and doesn't come out in US theatres until January or February 2009. Let's just say that I have some talented people around me that made it possible to watch in the comfort of my own home right now. ;)

Anyway, I give this move 5 stars and want to see it in theatres when it starts showing. It is suspenseful through the whole thing. I had so much anxiety while watching it that I thought I was going to put myself into labor.

Click HERE to watch a trailer of the movie "Taken".

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Alanya/Ally said...

What's this one rated? I would like to see a suspenseful movie soon. Usually I don't like scary movies, but I'll go for suspense!