Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All Day Doctor Event

Wow! What a day at the doctor. Be prepared to read all of the dirty details. I wish someone would've told me about all this stuff. I am so naive to the pregnant world. I will apologize in advance to the men reading this that wish they didn't. ha ha

So, we went in for our weekly check up yesterday. This is the check up where they were supposed to do Strep Test and check to see if I'm dilated and effaced. Along with that, they always check my blood pressure and have me do a urine sample to see if I have protein in my urine, meaning that I would be at risk for PreEclampsia (still no sign of it).

While I was giving my urine sample... out came my Mucus Plug. I was kind of freaked out and was glad that I was already at the doctor. You have so many disgusting things going on with your body at this point that you've already lost pride. I went out and asked the nurse if I should be concerned and she just smiled while calmly saying, "Oh... Why it looks like you've just started your Bloody Show." Again, not a phrase you like to hear.

So, Jeremy and I go in to wait for the doctor and he comes in and "checks" me with the nurse and I find that I'm 1/2 cm dilated and 50% Effaced. (PS. Everyone has told me the worst stories about getting checked and how painful it is, so I was NOT looking forward to this visit. But someone gave me good advice and it worked... "Focus on relaxing".)

The doctor proceeds to ask me if I have any questions and I tell him that I've been leaking fluids for a few days. He then tells me that he wishes I'd have told him that before he checked me (he should've asked) because he is now worried about my fluid levels and if I have ruptured membranes; but he can't do the test he would've done on me because of the gel he used to "check" me. I'll now have to wait a few hours for the gel to dissolve to get an accurate reading of the test he wanted to do. He sends me off telling me if I leak anything else that I need to go to the hospital and get checked out. Well, before we can even leave, it happens... more leakage. So, I go back in and he does an ultra sound to check my fluid levels. We find that they are fine (which I wasn't surprised with how much water I'm retaining), but he still wants me to go to the hospital in a few hours to get checked. Right when I get home... "more leakage" and this time with bright red blood. Now I was kind of freaked out because they tell you that bright red blood is not a good sign. I waited it out for my few hours and took a nap while Jeremy went back to work to finish stuff up.

A few hours later Jeremy and I head over to labor and delivery and tell the nurse there what was going on. The nurse has me strip down and put a gown on and hooked me up to monitors and hooked my stomach up to monitors for the baby. She then proceeds to "check" me to see if I'm leaking. It turns out that it's nothing. ??? And the blood? She thinks is just from the doctor checking my dilation right after the mucus plug.

The nurse then notices my enormously swollen feet and says she is worried and wants to take my blood pressure. So, of course I'm nervous and my blood pressure is high. She decides to take my blood and send it to the lab for blood work to see if I have PreEclampsia. Jeremy asked, "So, what if it comes back positive?" and she answers, "Well, if it comes back positive, then we'll just keep you here and induce you." I started to panic and tried not to burst into tears (emotions). I was like, "We aren't ready yet. We still have to pack our hospital bag." While I was in tears, Jeremy got excited and started calling people telling them we could have a baby soon. All we could do was wait for 45 minutes for the lab results to come back. When she came back in, she said, "It's negative." She took my blood pressure again and it was now back to normal. (Duh) So, we were sent home.

What a tiring day. I think we spent almost 5 hours at the doctor's and hospitals today. Needless to say, the hospital bag is now packed and I think I've just started into another Nesting Phase to get a bunch of other stuff done.

I have also been posting that I'm one week ahead of where the doctor says I am. I tell everyone I'm IN week 37 because I'm "starting" week 37, but the doctor doesn't count it until I've completed the week. :( Just thought I'd write that on here. It makes me feel better if I am closer to being done. ha ha

At any rate, I'm hoping that this is a good sign that I will have this baby with in the next couple of weeks. I'm going to guess next weekend; Which would most perfectly be when I wanted to have him anyway.


katrinaL said...

good luck!! I'm so excited for you guys. I think all the incredible discomfort and the feelings of being a giant monster the last month are to help you get past the fear of actually having a baby :).
Can't wait for him to finally make his debut and to hear that Jeremy is a Daddy!
Take care of yourself Tara :)

Shanda said...

LOL Could you have anything more pregnant with you? I never went through half the stuff you have. Im glad you got your hospital bag packed. Im so excited I can't wait.

The Lybrook Family... said...

Geez, I am sure you wish it would happen now huh!! Glad to hear everything is still okay, you are at the beginning of the end.
I sent you a package today so look for it! Hope you like everything. Love you!

RhettandCass said...

WOW...Sounds like you had a very exciting day! lots of stuff going on. I'm getting so excited for you guys! Teagan is on his way...he'll be here before you know it. I cant wait to hold him :)youre going to let me know right??? haha! Love ya

heath.sarah said...

Everything is so new and scary with your first one! I was so excited at this point with Jacob, that everything was ready the month before.Regardless of the swelling I still think you look good. You have always had a beautiful face! Miss you!Sarah

Alanya/Ally said...

I'm sorry you had such a long day... you're almost to the end. Hang in there. When you said you were leaking I first thought your water broke and I was going to read a delivery story. (That happened to me with Kate. I didn't even realize my water broke and I was in labor...) Anyway, good luck.

It's nice you were able to see Jim Brickman. Andy and I saw him when we were dating... Awesome concert!!!

I had to laugh about your rare photo experience. Remember at my wedding when they said that? I think there were five other people along with you who stepped out for the photo of 100 or so! How many brothers and sisters do you have? It's hard to tell in the picture. I for some dumb reason thought you only had a little sister. How did I not know you had such a big family?

Sara said...

I am really excited for you guys! We are hoping for you that you have that baby sooner than later. It can be so stressful waiting for when these little people make their grand entrance.

Tammy said...

swelling sucks, but it will be over soon! you have to post when you have that baby. I need pictures of your belly too! I'm dying. How about baby shower clothes? What's the name? I think all the hospitals have internet now so you should be able to let everyone know! Good luck. Mucus plug is a good thing, things are moving along!