Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Baby Yet

I had a bunch of phone calls today wondering if the baby is here. And the answer is, "nope". I wish! I feel like a time bomb. Unfortunately, I haven't had too many contractions since my appointment on Monday. :(

If you'd like to be on the mass text that we send out when he arrives, let me know. Either comment (if I have your ph# already) or email me with your # and I'll put it in my phone.

The hospital has wireless internet, so I will probably just put my details up on here when the big day comes. I will make sure Jeremy sends a text and one of us will put something up on the blog if you're not able to make it over to the hospital. Which brings me to the next thing. A lot of you have asked if we will be accepting visitors in the hospital. The answer to that is "Yes"! Even if I'm dead tired, I know that we'll be so excited for everyone to come and share this with us. After hearing the pediatrician's warnings though, I will have to discourage children and anyone that is sick from coming. And, please be patient if I have to feed during your visit times. I've heard that I have to take advantage of any time that he's awake to try and feed. Other than that, everyone is welcome.

Nothing too exciting has happened this week. I've just still been on a crazy nesting phase and can't believe how much stuff I've done. During my 2 nesting phases (my first phase was at 20 weeks), I think our house has had a complete make over and re-organization and cleaning. I don't know where the energy came from either. I think I've had a little help from "Tylenol Extra Strength" to keep me going, but I guess that's all part of the experience. Hopefully my next post will be my exciting announcement.


Sara said...

Well I hope for you that it is sooner than later. Of course we want to be on the text list. I think Jeremy has our numbers, but if he doesn't than we will get it to him. Good luck, and try to have fun with some of those home remedies that are suppose to put you into labor. :)

AmbertheGreat said...

I want to hear the news! I hope he will come sooner than later - I am glad that you are having contractions, that is a very good sign