Thursday, January 29, 2009

Has Anyone?

...brought their children to Gymboree classes?

...been to KinderMusik classes?

...used or known of anyone that has used "Your Baby Can Read" program?

Do you know of these things are good, entertaining, work for its purpose? Jenya and I were thinking about signing up for the classes above and I wanted to order the baby reading program.

Anyone, Anyone?


Cocobear said...

So is Jeremy going to start talking to him in french?

The Lybrook Family... said...

I had put Aubrie in Kindermusik and really wasnt that impressed. Just go and buy him a set of musical things and let him go at it when he is ready. Save your money. For how much it costs I thought it wasnt worth it. Never tried the others because we dont have a Gymboree here.

AmbertheGreat said...

I have looked into the reading one and I would love to get it...let me know if you decide to do it. Also, whenare you going through the temple, I would love to be there. I need to call and come see you, it's been to long :)

AmbertheGreat said...
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TerryMaryHarmon said...

Tara before you do all this, ask yourself, who is Teagan greatest teacher? YOU so don't get sucked into these things. Just remember he learns more from his mommy and daddy than anyone else in the world. Lead by example! Love Nana Mary

Tammy said...

looks like the only place to do the gymboree class is in SLC. If you want to drive that far it might not be too bad. The reading program I think is a waste. They will learn too soon and then be totally bored at school. Just teach him when he learns to talk. And it's much cheaper to buy the leap frog movies