Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on the Dates

Ok. So, Teagan's baby blessing is THIS Sunday, March 1st at 1:00pm in the chapel right next to our complex. I got the recipe for Cafe Rio's Pork and we're having lunch at the Pemberley Clubhouse right after sacrament meeting. Yum! So, come hungry!

As for my endowment date, I didn't realize that I needed to go through all of the temple prep classes which is 8 weeks. So, it looks like it will be sometime in April that it will happen. It will still be at the Provo Temple on a Thursday, sometime between 11am and 3pm since that is when my Grandpa works.

As a side note, everyone asks me why I would want to be endowed at the Provo Temple since it is not the most popular temple for it's "looks". Besides the fact that my Grandpa works there, it is just something that says "home" to me. I used to go and sit there in my car when I would have a bad day and it helped me clear my mind. It has always been a land mark of "home" for me and is comforting. Do you remember when the steeple was orange? I am used to it being white now, but I hated it at first because it just wasn't the same.

Our temple sealing is still set for Tuesday, April 28th at 11:00am in the Manti Temple. *At least, that is the date and time we're planning for. We are still waiting back from the first presidency to for Jeremy's letter from his first marriage. As soon as we get that back, I will be on the phone making our appointment for that time. We would like everyone to go out to lunch right after that as well.

Manti Temple Sealing Room. Beautiful! I love how pretty this temple is.

I have a lot of updates for the blog (10 posts in pending) and will be putting them up this week.

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