Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our first Gymboree Class

This last Thursday Teagan and I went to Gymboree for the first time. I thought it was kind of dumb, but I had to bring myself down to a baby's mentality, because Teagan LOVED it! ...and that's what matters. You meet up with other mom's and babies for a 45 minute class to sing songs, blow bubbles, play musical instruments, etc. It is supposed to be a stimulation for his stage of development for audio and visual, etc. I found out that he LOVES those little rain sticks that make noise when you tip them from one side to the next. He also had a lot of fun when we blew bubbles and the room was full of them. It was his first time seeing bubbles. Then we had parachute time where we layed him on the ground and held a big, colorful parachute over his head and pulled it up and down over his face. It was so cute watching how excited he got. I probably wouldn't have thought of doing all of this stuff. We are thinking about doing something like this in the future to get us out of the house and socializing with other kids and moms. It will give us something to look forward to in the week. :) I should've taken a picture of him, but felt dumb pulling out my camera in the class and didn't. Now I wish I would have.

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