Saturday, March 07, 2009

Teagan's First Date

Today was Avery's baby blessing which was held in our clubhouse. Teagan got all spiffed up to go since Avery is his girlfriend.

After the blessing they went on a date to the movies and watch "Finding Nemo" in the clubhouse LuvSac. They stole the show together and everyone had to come in and watch.

The date ended with a bite to eat and when they both told everyone as loud as they could that they were done watching the movie.

And here's our little family.


The Lybrook Family... said...

Okay so in the picture below that your dad took, I thought "Teagan looks alot like his mama" BUT NOW, when he is put next to his daddy. He looks just like him!!

Alanya/Ally said...

That's so cute, but isn't he a little young for his first date? :) Make sure to remind him of that later when he's bugging you about girls.

Emily said...

So cute. What darling pictures.