Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha!

We celebrated Samma's 11th Bday party at Classic Skating this last Saturday. We had a lot of fun. Teagan was malled (sp?) be all the kids and was exhausted by night time. It was great. :)

They even put Samantha in some box that blew air and money swirled around her body and she had to get this fake money in 1 minute. I still never understood what the significance of the whole thing, but it looked fun and I wanted to do it.

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Cocobear said...

She shoved 55 dollars into the little box and got 55 tickets that she got to spend at the prize table. She was happy about that. And your birthday is coming up, we can have it there if you would like. You can go into the box and collect fake money to go to the prize table if you want! :D