Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Finished Storage Space

Ta-Duh! It's done. Yay! We have so much room to store stuff now. We have all of our food storage, holiday stuff, camping stuff, blankets, misc stuff, etc stored down here. AND, we still have room to grow. We spent a lot of time this last week going through things and making numerous trips to DI to clean and get rid of stuff. What a good feeling.

Here is what our garage looks like with the new shelves that hang high above our cars. You can see where we put framed off the storage room because we had such a deep garage. We still fit to vehicles in here with room for bigger cars... still. :)

Here is a pic of the inside of our storage room with our stuff. That rotating can system is our Shelf Reliance storage system we got for a STEAL of a DEAL. If any of you would like a good deal on this, let us know. One of the members of our bishopric is part owner of Shelf Reliance.

You can see we also put a new stand up freezer in here to store meat and other stuff. I feel like such a grown up now. :) Joey also put a door on it, but you can't tell in the picture. I have an extra dead bolt lock that I think we're going to put on the door. Plus Joey added a separate light switch and outlet in here for the freezer. Joey is so talented! I can't wait til he does our closet organizers.


Tammy said...

wow this thing is SWEET! You must have a big garage!

The Lybrook Family... said...

What a great idea for food more storage room! I am impressed with your food storage that you got going. Good job!