Friday, May 29, 2009

Teagan vs. The Summer Outdoor Activities

Yesterday we went to the Orem Scera pool with Jenya and Avery. It is way better than 7 peaks. Especially because it is a lot more mom/kid friendly for little ones. It's only $5 to get in (under 1yo is free). And, instead of it being a huge, all day thing, you can go for just a couple of hours. (However, it still managed to be an all day event somehow.)

Jen took this picture and said that she was sorry for cutting off our heads. lol

Right when we got there, Teagan got tired and onery and got allergies really bad (which I didn't bring the Benadryl). His face broke out in a rash, one of his eyes got puffy, red and watery and his nose started to run. :( I have a really awful picture of it, but I didn't put it up. It just wasn't cute. lol

He was soooo tired! Here he is swimming in this cute little baby float they had there. He loved it. He just relaxed and slumped right over. He even fell asleep. What a cutie!

Since Teagy inherited his father's skin, I had to dowse him with SPF60, make sure he had a water shirt and a sun hat that covered his neck and ears. I'm proud to say that he got out of there with no sunburn. :)

Here is cute little Ave's. She was a lot more excited to see everything than Teagan. She was wide awake.


The Lybrook Family... said...

What a cute little snookie! Cant wait to see him next week:)

Harris Family said...

so fun! Max wont have anything to do with swimming either - he fell asleep in my arms last time I took him too.

Yeah for the sealing! I am soo excited for you- you have a beautiful family- now for eternity!

RhettandCass said...

I love those pics of Teag....haha. I love his little hat, he just looks so comfy in his little floaty.

Yay! Your getting sealed this week. I couldn't be more excited for you guys. Congrats!

Emily said...

Have I mentioned how cute your little guy is. He is such a stud.

Tammy said...

yeah! i love summertime, everyone can enjoy it. Even when Broc was a month old he got to go enjoy the great outdoors! So fun.