Saturday, October 28, 2006

Surprise Visit!
Raylene surprised me last week all the way from NM and stayed the weekend with me. It was a lot of fun! We got to hang out all day Saturday with her sister. We started our day with some breakfast. RayRay decided that she was brave enough to try some of the organic/no sodium/no preservatives tomato bisque soup in my cupboard from work. I told her it wasn't too good, and offered her some organic salt to go with it. ;) It only had 80 calories, or should I say, "80 energy" as we now call it. She wasn't too thrilled with the soup either, but ate it up. Raylene hadn't seen the new Joseph Smith movie, so naturally we had to go see that (even though I fell asleep through the first 1/2--- It's my 4th time going). Then we had dinner that night at Tepanyaki's which is like Benihana's but better, with my mom, Raylene's sister and neice. :) Then she already had to go home on Sunday. I was sad. I try to convince her to move out here all the time.

Went over to Ange's the other night with Laura and her hubby to carve pumpkins. I haven't done that in years. It was really fun! My carving turned out better than expected.

Tonight Ange and I made spider cupcakes right before going to the movie, "The Prestige". The movie was a little bit weird, not what I expected, but good. It kept me guessing the whole time even though Ange in the middle of the movie said she figured it all out. Then we came back to finish up cupcake making until 3am while chattin'.

Other Stuff...
The other day Ev and I got to take an "Obseved Drug Test" for work. How awful! Yep, you guessed it. It's exactly what it sounds like. We were in this teeny tiny room with the "observer". This lady was like 2 inches in front of me. I didn't know what to do with her so close so I had her hold my cup while I whipped down my pants. I decided to make use of her while she was there. lol But wouldn't you know, I couldn't go. I squeezed out everything I could with all my might and it didn't even fill it up to the line. So, she dumped it out and told me to go drink water and come back to try again. I drank a 32 oz of water in 10 minutes and then waited a whole 1 1/2 hrs, just sitting there in their waiting room before I could go. Personally I think it was just stage fright. It's not everyday you have someone observing you do your biddniz. Know what I'm sayin'. Luckily I had to go so bad by that time that it all worked out for me. :)

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