Sunday, May 25, 2008

Announcing the News!

I wanted to tell the family in a fun way about the baby. Jeremy of course couldn't hold it in and already told his whole family. So we did our fun announcement for my family the same day after our first baby appt. I made up these cute little packs for everyone to figure it out. Then we began making the rounds to people's houses to give them their goody bag to see if they could figure it out.

Here's a pic of these cute little bags:

*Notice the cute little pins to close the bags and the little feet stickers I put on the front of each one and a little tag for each person that said, "Congratulations!" on the front with an arrow pointing to turn it over. On the back it says, "NEW ____fill in the blank to personalize whomever I gave it to, great grandma, great uncle, cousin, grandma, grandpa, etc.)

In it is:
2 mini bottles of champagne (which were really bubbles)
1 Blue Sucker that said, "It's A Boy!"
1 Pink Chocolate Cigar that said, "It's a Girl!"
3 little butter cream mints that say "Baby" on them
1 little baby wash cloth tied in pink and blue ribbon

Everyone's reaction was funny.

My mom started crying and jumping up and down in the kitchen. She just put her hands on her hips and started looking around and said, "now, where are we going to put a crib?"

My UT dad was having FHE with some other couples in his ward. I had accidentally slipped and told my younger sister Kiley and it was KILLING her that my dad didn't know yet. She kept saying, "When are you going to tell him? I can't hold it in much longer." And I said, "Ok... spill it! How many people have you told here?" And she said, "Um, just all the girls that are here." lol

So, my dad got up and I left this little bag at his seat. My little brother, Kylan, saw and ran in and said, "Dad! You have a present on your chair." He came back outside and dumped out the bag. He just kept looking through the bag with confusion and then said, "Who is this from? Why is there all this baby stuff?" (He obviously didn't look too close at the tag that said, "Congratulations! Dad, Kiley & Kylan) So then one of the other clueless men at the table says, "Is it your birthday?" And my dad just shook his head. Keep in mind that all the people there (about 8) are watching this and all the women at the table know. Then my dad looks up and Kiley has a camera and then one of the women help him out by saying, "Maybe this is an announcement." My dad is then picking up the blue sucker that says, "It's a Boy!" and ia saying, "It's a Boy? What?" Then after she made this comment he turned around and stared at me and Jeremy smiling and said, "Noooooooooo... Serious? It's a boy?" I just started laughing and said, "i dont know what it is yet?" But he was way excited and gave us a hug and then got sad saying, "But, I'm not old enough to be a grandpa yet." ha haaaa Guess again dad. :)

We headed over to my Grandma Jackies and her and my grandpa dumped out the bag. They got it a little faster. lol They jumped up out of their seats with joy and their arms when flying up in the air and ran over to hug and congratulate us. They were so excited to have their first great grandchild. My grandma kept saying, "Don't you forget you have a grandmother to help watch this little baby." :)

We headed over to the Grover's who were having their own family home evening with couples in their ward. My grandma came in the other room and dumped out the little bag and said, "Oh my goodness, this is the cutest wedding invitation I've ever seen. you must give one to aunt diane when she's in town next week. She will be here from AZ and can attend your reception." Hmmm.... I just said, "Uh, keep looking at it grandma." lol Finally she stopped and said, "Oh my word! Is this an announcement? We've been waiting and praying for a great grandchild!" Then she wrapped it back up for my grandpa to reopen it. He was just as excited and even figured it out faster than she did. :)

I mailed the rest of to CA and to the other siblings and waited to see what everyone said. It was a fun way to tell everyone.

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