Monday, May 19, 2008

Our First Baby Appointment

Monday, May 19th...

Jeremy and I went in early to our first doctor's appointment today. Luckily I have a few other good friends that are also pregnant right now and was able to get some advice on what doctor(s) to go see. I chose to go to a group of doctors that 2 of my other friends are going to right now as well. There is a group of 5 of them and you will end up seeing all 5 of them through out your regular appointments. Then whoever is on call will deliver for you when you go into labor. (PS. We are going to deliver in the American Fork, UT hospital)

Anyway, I was told that we'd get to listen to the baby's heart beat today because this particular set of doctors likes to do it on your first appointment. I was ecstatic about it alllll week and couldn't wait, but to our disappointment, I got to fill out a bunch a paper work, get some blood drawn, take a urine test and get a pelvic exam. :( No fun. Jeremy experienced being in the room with me when I got the pelvic exam. Believe me, not so comfortable for any of us. Jeremy got kind of freaked out looking around the room and the walls and asking the Doc if he should leave. lol The doctor was like, "you're the husband aren't you?" ..."yes" ..."well ok then." Then our doctor said, "you have any questions?" Do I have any questions? I don't know! How would I know? I don't know what to ask. We just stared at him dumbfounded and then Jeremy said, "Uhh, we don't know. This is our first kid." So the doctor handed us a book and said, "Read this." And then he sent us on our way.

What just happened? Are we having a baby or what?

I called my friend Jenya up and told her and she asked me who I saw. Apparently I made an appointment with the wrong set of doctors. So, I called and switched doctors. (sigh) I have to go do a whole new first visit with the new set of doctors in 5 weeks. But THEN we will hear the little heart beat. :)

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