Sunday, June 01, 2008

My 28th Birthday!

What a fun birthday! I've had a birthday that's lasted all weekend long. My birthday was on Friday and I got all sorts of goodies at my desk. Heather bought me a cake and a cute little frame, I got some spa/relaxation socks and CD, a few cards and my wonderful husband sent me flowers. He is so good at doing that! I love him. Also, I must add that he sends the most beautiful flowers that I've ever seen. He never fails. And they are always in the prettiest vases. Good job baby! :) Then my friends took me to lunch and my hubby bought all sorts of fun little thoughtful goodies for me. I went and picked him up after work and he came out with all these wrapped presents. I said, "Did you wrap those yourself?" And then I looked a little closer to see that one of them was stapled shut. Then I just smiled and said, "Yep"! lol We were going to head over to the Cheesecake Factory, my fav, but it was getting to late and I needed to eat. (You can't mess with prego people when they are hungry. You just can't.) So... to alleviate the long wait, we ate at Los Hermanos for their yummy Fried Ice Cream. Right before that though, I opened up all my presents. I was so impressed with Jeremy. I know he had to think about what he was getting me all month and I was surprised at how much he listens to me. :) He got me a pregnancy pillow and cover, cause I mentioned how I wanted one. He got me a new little IPod cause my other one broke. Plus he got me a little stand for me to use my laptop on at nights when I sit here (like now) in bed and do stupid stuff online. He also got me some pic's of the Salt Lake Temple to put up and remind me that we're getting married there next year. Isn't he cute? I love him! I was pretty tuckered out after that, so we just went home and watched a movie til we fell asleep.

The next day I got to have my Bday with my family. We went to Sizzler that night with the Grover's, Humpherys, and Terry's. My mom made a cake and everyone brought fun presents. :) Plus I got to go shopping and out to lunch with my mom all day. We bought my depressing first round of fat clothes. Let the games begin, eh?

Here are some pics of the fam at Sizzler.

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