Sunday, May 18, 2008

Attention Everyone! Ahemm

SURPRISE! We are pregnant! ...AND, so excited! And only a week before my wedding my "women's" doctor told me I was getting old to start having kids and that it might take me awhile. Wow! Was she wrong! We were going to wait 6 months, but in the grand scheme of things, 6 months wait for a baby isn't much difference. So, we couldn't be happier.

My first clues of being pregnant before I even knew was that smells were starting to get to me. It's true what they say, you start smelling with the sense of a dog. My mom made me a roast beef sandwich one day and I kept smelling it and said, "Mom, I think this roast beef is bad." She said, "I just bought it Tara!" But, I just couldn't eat it. The more I tried, the more I wanted to throw up.

Sign #2: I was drinking water like CRAZY! I just couldn't get enough water. I would down an entire 32 oz water bottle on the spot. I instantly had to take potty breaks all day long and through the nights. Almost to the point of frustration.

Sign #3: We flew to Cali the week after we got married and I was sicker than a dog on the 1 1/2 hr plane ride. I never get that sick on planes. Plus, I didn't want to do anything while we were there. I just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep. Jeremy was a little bummed that we were hanging out in Long Beach and I just wanted to hang out in the hotel and watch t.v.

So, there ya have it ladies. The symptoms pretty much start instantaneously. I found that I was JUST getting on the roller coast ride of "Fun" for the next 9 months. :)

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