Friday, June 20, 2008

Pregnancy Cravings

So, I had my first WEIRD craving the other day. I've had lots of cravings being pregnant, but nothing too unusual like this one. What's funny about it is I go through spurts. At first I thought I'd like something for the whole time I was pregnant, but I was dead wrong. I could completely LOVE something and the next day think it's totally disgusting and never want to look at it or smell it again. Ewww...

The first thing I wanted every day was Jamba Juice and yogurt smoothies and berry drinks. I wanted them every single day for about a week and then one day they just repulsed me.

Then one week I wanted to eat nothing but soup and sandwiches. But not any soup, only the really brothy soups, nothing creamy.

Then the next week I wanted to eat strawberries on and with everything. I went through a little bucket of strawberries every day. Carried them around at work with me in a bag.

But the weird one I mentioned above was spontaneous. First you must know that I really don't like to eat white bread. Jeremy always wants me to buy it but I usually only eat wheat bread. I just like it better. Another thing, I do NOT like the processed cheese that comes in the little Kraft Singles packs. I throw them away if they are ever caught in my fridge. Let's face it, it's not real cheese. It's a slice of plastic. But one night we were on our way to my Dad's to watch the Orem city fireworks on his roof, cause he lives across the street from where they fire them off... and on the way there I just really, really, really wanted a sandwich. Not any sandwich, but a sandwich made with the white Wonder bread with turkey, ham, and chicken slices with processed cheese, Sweet relish, lettuce, plain potato chips and Miracle Whip, warmed up. Wow, eh? I made Jeremy stop off at the store and we bought all the stuff for it and brought it over to my Dad's and spread it out on the table. My dad was like, "Wow, isn't this quite the production." Jeremy looked at my sandwich in disgust after eating 2 of them and shook his head saying, "I'm glad you're pregnant and there's a reason you WANT to eat that."

ha ha... fun times, right?

Also, I must add on here how wonderful my husband has been in this whole thing. He has taken every bit of 'weirdness' as it comes and rolls with it on sympathy and helping me. If I woke up at 3am and said, "I want french fries with strawberries"... I know he'd go get it for me no matter how tired or ridiculous he thought it was. He has been sooo great and such a blessing for me. I think my trial with the pregnancy is more emotional than physical. I have had to learn to be less independent. I truly feel like a handicap most of the time and Jeremy never complains (only I do that). Thank you baby! Love you.

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