Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jeremy's Smashed Toe. Oh no!

Jeremy smashed his toe a few days ago. We got a pancake griddle as a wedding present and he dropped the cast iron griddle RIGHT on his pinky toe. Ouch! I was standing there watching when it happened. We think he actually broke it, but they can't do anything for a broken toe except wrap some tape around it. He'll have to wear flip flops for awhile. The pic above is not really his toe, I failed to take a pic of it... but, Jeremy's toe actually looke 10x worse than the pic above. It was soooo purple, it looked like a little grape ball on his foot. It made me want to gag when looking at it. His toe doesn't even point straight up now, it sits on the side (kind of like the picture I found online). Yuck! We had my uncle, the pediatrist, Dr. Scott, take a look at it and he said that there wasn't much he could do, but remove the toe nail before it fell off. Jeremy declined to have this done, but sure enough, his whole pinky toe nail fell off soon after. Double Yuck!

Get better little toe! :)

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