Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Football, Football and More Football

So, if you don't know my husband, then you don't know that he is a total football and baseball fan. He coaches the 8th grade Lehi Team with his brother Shane, his cousin Jake and one of his best friends, Travis. They have been coaching almost every night and every saturday morning until school started for the kids. Now it has died down a couple nights a week that gives me my husband back. ha ha JK I actually enjoy the time to hang with friends or just get stuff done around the house.

Anyway... if you know ME, then you know that I have absolutely no interest in football or baseball. It has been quite the transition coming together on "excitement" for the games. We have compromised that I will go to every other game. It makes me laugh when someone at every game asks me what the score is. I usually look around in confusion and think, "Are they talking to ME?" lol "GO LEHI!"

Jeremy Coaching:

Jeremy, Shane, Travis, Jake:

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