Thursday, October 02, 2008

What I've learned from my parents...

Jeremy read what I wrote about my mom in a previous post in regards to how her faith has been an example to me and helped make me who I am today and asked me what I have learned from ALL of my parents. :) I thought about this and wanted to jot a few things down.

Mom: Faith. Read my blog post, "Regaining Faith"

Jason: As many of you know, I didn't give Jason much credit when him and my mom got married. It has now been almost 11 years (I'm pretty sure that's how long it's been)... anyway, he has shown me that he is one of the most patient and calm people I've ever met. He handles himself very well even when he is upset. I've never heard him yell or behave inapproprately. He thinks before he acts.

Dad (UT): My dad has taught me to "be myself" and not care what others think. I've never seen him get worked up about what someone else thinks of him and has always just been himself. He doesn't waste unnecessary energy on trying to please others when it doesn't matter. What a valuable trait! I wish I could've had that confidence in high school. It would've saved me a lot of heart ache and worry.

Dad (CA): Right away I recalled a time when I was younger and lived in CA. I don't recall what I was doing, but I was asking my dad to look it over for me. He mentioned that he knew I could do better and I said, "Yeah, but this is good enough." He responded by saying, "If you are always OK with doing/performing in a mediocre manner, then you will always be OK with a mediocre life." I have never forgotten this comment and it has always stood out to me. He has been a good example of an ambitous hardworker who doesn't settle for something less than what he sets out for. I attribute much of my small successes in life to his 'go get em' attitude/example.

Mary (CA Mom): This is something simple, yet profound... "Always learn to laugh at everything." I can't put it better than that. How much easier would your problems be if you could learn to laugh at them one day... or even laugh through them.

Thank you for bettering my life with your personal characteristics. I have been blessed with a large mix of people in my life and have been surrounded by many 'walks of life' to show me a wide range of lifestyles. I'm grateful to have those examples and traits in my life to pass on to my family.

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