Monday, November 24, 2008

The Golden 50!

Last night we celebrated my Grandma and Grandpa Humpherys 50th Anniversary. The whole family surprised them with dinner waiting for them at my unlce Scott's house. Scott decorated his place with beautiful flowers, balloons, and 50th anniversary decorations. My dad compiled a dvd of all the old videos and pictures my grandma and grandpa had when they grew up and recorded them talking about each of them in the background. Then he put another dvd together, put to music, with all the Humpherys kids growing up. It was fun to watch with everyone and hear everyone's comments. We all got to know grandma and grandpa a little bit better. My grandma was so modest in thinking that we'd all be bored to death watching a video about her or wanting to hear from them and their stories, but it was their special night.

My grandma's tears brought tears to my eyes as it hit me... THIS is what life is all about, Family! And maybe it is more real to me because we're about to start a family of our own, but I know that looking at my family tonight and listening to my aunt, uncle and dad laugh about all their child hood experiences and the good memories they had growing up... that my life is JUST starting. I couldn't have progressed any more in my life with out getting married and beginning a family. Just as God progresses through his children, so do we. I can't wait to build those memories for and with my family; to begin new traditions. I can't imagine how my life would be with out those things in it long term. There would be no sense of fulfillment, no progression or personal growth with out learning to live and grow with a companion.

I am thankful for all of my grandparents and the sacrafices they have made to bring us good memories and build a happy life for their posterity. I'm grateful for their examples and feel lucky that I was blessed with the foundation they worked hard to lay. I'm grateful that when there is nothing else but hard times, we always have our families.

Happy 50th Golden Anniversary!



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